id like to believe that you are a figment in my mind im right ;)
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Eren Jaeger, the leading male protagonist of the popular anime Shingeki no Kyojin, holds a personal vendetta against all titans and is determined to annihilate them from the earth.

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Wyoming appreciation post.

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I’m a thief (…). I take what I want. 

Black Cat in Amazing Spider-Man #5

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Doodle, because I’m lazy meh…

He’s bleeding, his wounds are open… you know: heat pills

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The Creatures (so far) + Kevin on Twitter about PAX.

Given what happened yesterday, it’s completely understandable if Kootra doesn’t end up going. I’m sure James, Aleks, Dex and Seamus can hold down the panel c: Also, given their prior video, hopefully there will be some good news involving Kevin??? 

To everyone going to PAX, please be kind, loving and careful. It’s time to show them support they deserve, to give them something back.

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